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A list of the lucky developers that are dropping or have dropped IE6.

Big Click Web Design

Big Click Web Design says:

Great sites, keep up the good work. It really is time for IE6 to die. Imagine the number of hours spent across the world by web designer and developers fixing IE6 bugs. We should all invoice Microsoft for our time spent fixing their mistake.

Big Click Studios – @bigclickstudios

Golan Arts

Golan Arts says:

We couldn’t agree with you more about IE. It’s a terrible browser. We stopped supporting IE 6 months ago. The IE death march is a great idea!
Omer – from Israel.

Max Jens

Max of Max Jens says:

Hi…just wanted to say, that I´m done supporting ie6!
Don´t want to change my designs because of this browser version…

Big up!


Timo Ernst

Timo Ernst says:

Hi there,
I read about your “Anti-ie6-Project” and I think that it’s a really great idea, so that I couldn’t resist to support it :-)

I wrote a little code snipped which redirects all ie6-users to an info-page, which explains them how they should upgrade to a better browser, or at least use the ie8.

Read my blog entry about it and get the code snippet here:

I would be glad, if we could spread this a bit, so that the ie6 will finally vanish from the www.

Greetings from Germany,
Timo Ernst