Golan Arts

Golan Arts says:

We couldn’t agree with you more about IE. It’s a terrible browser. We stopped supporting IE 6 months ago. The IE death march is a great idea!
Omer – from Israel.

Max Jens

Max of Max Jens says:

Hi…just wanted to say, that I´m done supporting ie6!
Don´t want to change my designs because of this browser version…

Big up!


Timo Ernst

Timo Ernst says:

Hi there,
I read about your “Anti-ie6-Project” and I think that it’s a really great idea, so that I couldn’t resist to support it :-)

I wrote a little code snipped which redirects all ie6-users to an info-page, which explains them how they should upgrade to a better browser, or at least use the ie8.

Read my blog entry about it and get the code snippet here: http://www.timo-ernst.net/2009/03/stop-the-ie6/

I would be glad, if we could spread this a bit, so that the ie6 will finally vanish from the www.

Greetings from Germany,
Timo Ernst


Kurt of Kupix says:

I think we are a great family that hates this damned IE6 the worst Microsoft ever developed!

Have a look onto our website “>http://www.kupix.de with IE6 and see the red box on top of the site.

Kind regards from Jülich, Germany
Kurt Kunig


Luke of Kluster says:

We stopped supporting IE6 a year and a half ago, that decision has saved me days of work and made web development a joy again.


Matthias of Rainboxx says:

As a freelancer it’s hard to drop the support of IE6 – not only because that means less money (note that supporting IE6 with timebased billings is a big part ;)) – customers want IE6 support! But today I said: No way! So since today I dropped IE6 support finally.
Matthias Dietrich


Fred at the Beehave Forum says:

I’ve been waiting for something like this to happen! IE6 is a daily pain in the … as customers still request compatibility.
So for my private site, I put up the IE6-CSS-DIV, informing don’t-want-to-learn-users about their error 😉


* html body { float:left; display:inline; voice-family: "\"}\""; voice-family:inherit; }