Anthony of Squarespace says:

Squarespace’s interface is just too advanced now to support those users. This also speaks to the sort of person we’d like to cater to. We’re not going to degrade experiences for the top 90% because of the bottom 10%—that’s ridiculous, especially considering that 10% also represents the highest tech support cost and lowest technical competence. Throwing out IE6 is a great thing. –Anthony Casalena


How could I forget? Both Jim and I have given up on IE6 for stevejobsfacts.com

So, we’ve officially stopped supporting IE6 regarding SJF. From this point on we wont be testing any changes to the site in IE6. Not that it ever worked properly in IE6, but it does (for now) work at least.

Both me and Dave are, like IE Death March states, planning on halting all support for IE6 in our development efforts by March 2009. Hopefully IE Death March catches on and inspires more developers, and front line web-services to also halt supporting IE6, and encouraging more users to update to IE7 or switch to a better more modern browser.-Jim at Zydev


From an email from Marco:

I’m happy to report that I no longer test Instapaper.com in IE6. I actually don’t know if I ever did, but I sure don’t now: since the site’s core functionality requires a bookmarklet installation, and IE makes bookmarklet installation so clunky and difficult, I don’t have the time to walk IE users through it. And recently I added AJAX features and rounded corners that, while they degrade to acceptable functionality, they definitely don’t work in IE (6 or 7), and I’m unwilling to spend any time to hack together equivalent functionality that’s IE-compatible. As an individual doing this in my free time, I can’t afford IE compatibility.

Instapaper’s IE users, therefore, just need to accept an inferior experience. Sorry, but it’s either that or no new Instapaper feature development at all. –Marco Arment

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