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A list of the lucky developers that are dropping or have dropped IE6.

New Focus

John of New Focus says:

Agreed the web development world has already put enough effort into this. I’m not doing anything deliberately to break IE 6 but from now on my changes will be tested for standards compliance and in current version browsers. No more specific IE 6 testing for me. –John Patrick


txtr says:

Actually, we thought about IE 6 once or twice while developing – and quickly decided, that creating a rich ajax-application for IE6 is like squaring the circle. Not to speak of all the transparent pngs…
So we’re now kindly asking our users to get a /decent/ browser.

The Web Squeeze

Jacob of The Web Squeeze says:

With much deliberation we have decided that we will no longer be supporting IE6. We will encourage the members of our web design and development community to join your effort and STOP supporting IE6. In fact, to assist in the effort we will be making a post on our web design magazine to inform our readers about your site and motivate them to join the endeavor!

As of March 2009, The Web Squeeze, LLC. is no longer supporting IE6! –Jacob Haug