Things You Can't Do In IE6

Transparent PNGs

Okay sure. 8-Bit PNG transparency works, but I’m talking about doing more transparency than what GIF has to offer, so it doesn’t quite cut it.

But 24-Bit PNG? Now, this has something web designers can appreciate: Alpha blending. 256 levels of transparency.

You can’t do this in Internet Explorer 6 without some javascript or using the AlphaImageLoader filter.

There are a few sites out there using PNG’s to great effect. There’s no need for me compile a list, as it’s been done a few times, but if you’re using it feel free to link up in the comments.

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We have done a lot of testing with the JavaScripts that are out there to help with this issue, and so far found that the new Belated PNG Fix is the best of them, simply due to the fact that it fully supports repeatable background transparency…

It’s actually 32bit RGBA. 24bit color, and 8 bit transparency.

Yeah, i know. It’s all Photoshop’s fault.

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