Jake of Himpressive says:

Internet Explorer 6 is like the house guest that has overstayed his welcome.

It is an eyesore to use and even worse to develop for.

IT managers that continue to force this browser on their internal networks should be tarred and feathered, then fired, and hire someone under the age of 70 to manage your systems.

On a side note, I feel that IE in general should be banned completely, but for now I’ll just stick to banning IE6!! –Jake Strawn

2 replies on “Himpressive”

Totally agree with your idea that MSIE should be banned in general – all versions.

MSIE8 will be non-standard mode by default for corporate intranets so the pain is set to continue for ever more until we rid the planet of this putrid, diseased wart on the anus of a bison excuse for a web browser.

I also truly believe that all web developers should file a class action lawsuit against Microsoft for everything from stress, loss of revenue (eg. increased support load), etc. The more things the merrier.

M$ *need* to exit the browser market ASAP.

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