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You’ll be pleased to know that iStockPhoto have decided to drop support for IE6. Unfortunately not until 2010, but then they do have a large system to move people over to.

It does at least give us web developers a really solid excuse to drop support for it altogether.

All the best,
Simon Wyndham

Here’s the email from iStockPhoto:

Starting in 2010, iStock will begin phasing out support for Internet Explorer 6 or lower. Why? Other than PC World Magazine ranking in the 8th worst tech product of all time, here’s our top 5 reasons to upgrade:

Security continues to be an issue with this legacy browser. We want people browsing to be safe!
It’s slow. Too slow. It’s orders of magnitude slower than modern, efficient browsers.
It’s non-standards compliant. This means our developers have to develop an almost completely different version of iStock to run on it.
It doesn’t properly support cool new functionality that you are asking for, and we want to deliver.
Alternatives are free, fast and easy to download:

Internet Explorer 7
Internet Explorer 8 R.C. 1
Firefox 3
Safari 3.2
Google Chrome

Neglecting to upgrade your software is like choosing to face the enemy with a cardboard shield and a paper sword when you could have the latest Kevlar™ vest and ray gun. Just upgrade already!

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