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ilhan of Turkish MozillaZine says:

Since the beginning of my site (Turkish MozillaZine) I do not support IE6. Actually it is not in my hands, it is their fault, even IE 7 is not capable to render correctly. You can see the message for IE6 at, it says “sorry, IE6 does not render correctly this web page, better you move to Fx, Chrome, Opera… We suggest you Firefox…”)

I have one another web page that is in Bulgarian ( Now I’m developing a new layout for it (probably it will ready at the end of semester holiday), wich is XHTML 1.0 Strict. Do you know, even IE 8 (beta) does not know what is “object” tag! So I will use two different templates for this page, one for IE which will be the oldest one and I will not develop it anymore, and one for others; index_ie.php and index.php.

I don’t care about hits, I’m doing it for fun.

I’ll follow your site, nice job! 🙂 –ilhan

Enthusiasm: you’re doin’ it right. 😀

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