It’s March… What’s Next?

Kill_IE7 emailed:

IE7 will be 3 years old in Nov this year, since it was released in 2006. You should continue your campaign and switch focus to IE7 soon to reduce IE7 usage before it becomes another IE6 mess.

Say by the end of 2010, drop all support for IE7? IE8 isn’t really much better either since it doesn’t support many key standards compliant features like SVG, CSS3, Canvas etc. Better to encourage everyone to use another browser instead of IE.

Oh ye of little faith. Notice I didn’t name the site

With any luck, Microsoft will be releasing IE8 at MIX 09 (to add fuel to that fire, check out Countdown to MIX09: Internet Explorer 8 Says Hello World on the MIX09 website).

Once IE8 is out, it’ll be even easier to justify dropping support for IE6 to the powers that be, assuming you haven’t already joined the IE Death March.

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I did a search for “how much longer will IE6 last” and found your site. You make me so happy!

It’s April, what’s next is I’m not designing any personal sites for IE6

It was good as far as the mission of this site was to kill IE 6. But this line
“Better to encourage everyone to use another browser instead of IE.” tastes bad.

C’mon man it not that bad browser now.

Whoever “AK” is, he’s obviously not a serious web developer. IE is definitely that bad of a browser. I write very clean and meticulous markup. I check it in recent and not so recent versions of every major browser before publication (except in IE 6 – suck it IE 6) and consistently, to this day, I ALWAYS have to tweak something for IE compatibility and its usually a really obnoxious something that requires IE specific comments or sacrificing a chicken in my basement during a full moon on the summer solstice. The point being, even the new “standards mode” in IE 8 doesn’t pass ACID 3 let alone offer proper HTML and CSS rendering (its DOM compatibility leaves something to be desired too, but there are enough libraries to take care of that, so I don’t notice it as much). I appreciate the IE team for finally getting their act together, I just wish they had their act together three versions ago instead of having to tie up the loose ends now, 8 years later, that still prove to be a persistent nuisance in their own right.

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