What will you do after IE8 is released?

On twitter, I asked, “What will you do with IE6 after IE8 is released?” and got a couple responses:

throw it in the garbage
sugeek 4:05 PM Feb 19th

Personally, just before I read that, I vowed not to support three versions of IE.
jlemoine 4:33 PM Feb 19th

The same like now!
venlix 1:14 AM Feb 20th

Continue to make things at least function, because the IE7 users will be the ones to upgrade to 8. 6 will probably live on.
danmcgrath 7:05 AM Feb 20th

Message users that IE-freakin-8 is out, and stop working to make it do things modern browsers do. They get the degraded stuff.
ryanmcgrath 7:46 AM Feb 20th

So.. what are *you* going to do?

4 replies on “What will you do after IE8 is released?”

I’ll still support IE 6. Almost 60 percent of the visitors of my websites use this browser.

The site I work on, a major Christian ministry site, is not going to support ie6 in our next major upgrade, which should be released sometime later this year. ie6 visits to our site have dropped to about 20%, right around where FF3 & 2 combined are. Visits from all non-ie browsers continue to increase each month, and ie6 is falling quickly.

I never supported IE6, neither any IE at all.

My 2 sites don’t work properly on any IE, and I’m not worried about it.

Even thou 80% of my visits are using IE, I never received any complain about site layout. Ppl have already complained about my posted opinions, about the way I type, but never about layout.

My site works pretty great on FireFox. I’ll support Opera and Google Chrome before I think of becoming 3 persons to have time to work on non-standard stuff to support a cracky browsers.

My sites are for fun and I manage them alone. Microsoft has plenty of very well paid developers to work on its browser. If any IE visitor wants better support, they should ask to M$ for better support!

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