We *Like* Our Internet With a Side of Revolution

Internet Explorer 6 will be SEVEN years old on August 27th, 2008 will be EIGHT years old this fall. It came out a few weeks before the Twin Towers fell. It came out before the Nintendo GameCube. It came out before the first iPod.

It’s time to put a deadline on dropping IE6, and I say that time is now, and the deadline should be soon… say like, March 2009. That’s roughly a little more than 6 months. Feel free to join me. If your company is dropping support for IE6, let me know and I’ll gladly post it up. I’m also on twitter,, if that works better for you.

Check out the marching category to see who else is phasing out Internet Explorer 6.

If, for some reason, you’ve found yourself here using Internet Explorer 6, you can help yourself by downloading Firefox, Safari, Opera and/or Internet Explorer 7 (there’s a beta for IE8, if you’re feeling adventurous).

Google has recently gotten into the browser game, and (if you’re on Windows) you can download a beta of their unbelievably fast Chrome.

Update: IE 8 has been released. Are you going to support three different versions of Internet Explorer?

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Congratulations for this great project. We’ve just started an internet restaurant guide for germany and became encouraged by your ie6 death march to drop ie6 support from the very begining.

your test is fucked and bogus – I’m not using IE6 – as a matter of fact I’m not using IE at all.


Try basket weaving or finger painting it’s more suited to idiots like you whose shoe size is larger than their IQ.

It doesn’t seem like you anti-IE6 people take time to THINK. (1) A few hundred developers could spend about 15,000 man-hours total over the next few years to maintain compatibility with IE6, OR, MILLIONS of USERS have to spend TEN+ MILLION MAN-HOURS total to uninstall, reinstall, learn, configure, update, patch, and eventually get ANOTHER browser working for them the way IE6 CURRENTLY IS. You do the math. Learn to THINK please. Stop abandoning software for selfish, biased, ignorant reasons.

IE6 is not quote “old” as some would falsely claim. IE6 is updated, patched, secure, supported by microsoft, and CURRENTLY WORKS. A PC with updated AV, a decent firewall, updated OS, updated browser, and with decent drive-image backups WORKS AND IS RELIABLE. By the liberal anti-science logic that you people use, we should stop using linux because it’s “old” and stop using firefox because it’s getting “old” – learn to THINK please.

IE must die! Its too shit! And we can’t continue developing, optimizing for such crap browsers. If we do then we are supporting this SHIT and DUMB browser! Shout it out! Internet Explorer SUCKS!

We will definitely stop supporting IE 6 by the end of this year latest!
Good news: usually I don’t approve of forced updates by Microsoft, but they are pushing IE8 into company environments via WSUS from August 25th.
I’m pretty sure this will have an impact on the market share of IE6, since none of our customers have been using it anymore safe for the bigger companies…

True, few people want also IE7 on the death list, I want IE8/9 and 10 as well. All other browsers of the market are honestly sticking to competition. IE just spit in the soup. IE8 js engine is still incredibly slow. PNG support is still poor, we can feel that very few things were fixed(ex: still seeing gray instead of transparent zones, when dynamically changing opacity even with dx filters).

@spytalk: Are you building web pages, are you building a cms ? Let me do the maths for you because I am sure you never did any kind of maths (specially in IE), when IE 15 will be out, do you the hell expect webmasters to keep supporting IE6 ?
Please stop giving lessons. Your stats are stupid: We started charging the costumers if they want IE6 support so what do you think about these wastes ? Don’t you get that developing for obsolete platforms are purely trashed efforts ? Don’t you get that we want to serve the costumers and end-users browsing comfort ? The people complaining about IE6 are mostly professionals(100%). Some of them have more than 10 years experience in the web industry. Do you think people is complaining for pleasure ? Are you still running all your previous versions of ms-office all together on your machine ? Just read your post, your are telling people not to update… And please keep linux out of this because I am sure you may not run a very first slackware. Fortunately the issue is only a IE one. Can you imagine your very serious speech with safari 1/2/3, FF 1/2/3 Opera..? Come on, wake up and tell people to at least update.

I am pretty convinced that IE6 does not support puny-code domains out of the box. This might be another one for your list of things that IE6 sucks at.

*MICROSOFT confirm end to IE6 pain!*

Internet Explorer 6 has official “End of Life” from Microsoft on 13-Jul-2010 – see this page on their website:

After this date, Microsoft will treat the browser as ‘dead and buried’, they will not provide any support whatsoever, including security updates (this is a great way to explain to customers why they need to rid their networks of IE6).

Good news, eh? Now we just need to spread the word and make sure all developers actively inhibit IE6 support after that date (sooner would be better).

Please post this fact and link to M$ site on your home page to make everyone very aware that IE6 is finally going to die!

You’ll note the browser has already been EOL on several platforms/SPs 🙂

As with any EOL product, developers/designers can (and should/must!) easily charge extra 200% or more for working with EOL software as there is no vendor support to back them up (not that there ever was).

currently stopping the support for IE6 and IE7 too on my website. IE6 / IE7 does not even understand a perfectly W3C code working on every other browser and is not able to understand the line margin : auto in a css, to simply center a design.
It is true though, ppl still having os prior to windows xp will not be able to install ie8, that is (at least, if it is up to date) sort of w3c compliant. but, they still can install a google chrome by example, netscape or firefox that works perfectly fine even on a windows 95 for outdated computers…
so, I just stop to support these big poops !!!
i cannot stand the anymore !!!
and I do not intend anymore to mess with my css and w3c compliant code for one or two outdated fishy/stinky browsers… I am done with them !
still I am going to use the end 6 based javasscript because it still allows access to the website to these people, but I am not reliable if it is not pretty (and if it is not centered in their ie6/7 browser), with the pop up, they will know why it might not work, but they will still be able to see the website… i think it is the best way to do it, in order to do not loose traffic due to my cease of support.

IE6 is still running on our company (with more than 10.000 employees) and I don’t have a clue why… maybe because the IT is managed by T-Systems, which suck anyway…

Hi. It would be great, if the text could be a little bit updated. I am showing a hint at the top of my websites when a user is running IE6 or IE7 and linking to this website for people who are interested, why they should update their browser, because I think it’s important to let them know.

Today a customer was convinced the hard way that IE6 should be rested in peace: they used an IDN-domain (with umlauts) in their recent campaign, and some confused users called that the IE6 could not display the webpage (which it still cannot do without installing a third party plugin). Hopefully I won’t have any more discussions against IE6 at least with this customer 😉

I see no serious reason to leave IE6 and I would prefer web sites that refused IE6 to simply disappear !
Firefox is memory consuming, slow at start, IE6 is not !
I am using IE6 all the time, and Firefox when IE6 does not work. It avoids tons of garbage of windows and useless messages everywhere on the screen.

Long life to IE6 !

Chrome has come a LONG way since I first started using it.

I’ve got a 64 bit Ubuntu Linux machine (all my machines are Linux), and it runs FAST and STABLE. (Chrome 8.0.somethingsomething)

It is way faster than Firefox, and almost anything you code for Chrome looks great in Firefox without further modifications. Code with a standards-compliant browser and your site will look great anywhere – start with IE and you’ll tear your hair out trying to support anything but IE.

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