We *Like* Our Internet With a Side of Revolution

Internet Explorer 6 will be SEVEN years old on August 27th, 2008 will be EIGHT years old this fall. It came out a few weeks before the Twin Towers fell. It came out before the Nintendo GameCube. It came out before the first iPod.

It’s time to put a deadline on dropping IE6, and I say that time is now, and the deadline should be soon… say like, March 2009. That’s roughly a little more than 6 months. Feel free to join me. If your company is dropping support for IE6, let me know and I’ll gladly post it up. I’m also on twitter,, if that works better for you.

Check out the marching category to see who else is phasing out Internet Explorer 6.

If, for some reason, you’ve found yourself here using Internet Explorer 6, you can help yourself by downloading Firefox, Safari, Opera and/or Internet Explorer 7 (there’s a beta for IE8, if you’re feeling adventurous).

Google has recently gotten into the browser game, and (if you’re on Windows) you can download a beta of their unbelievably fast Chrome.

Update: IE 8 has been released. Are you going to support three different versions of Internet Explorer?

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Você tem meu total apoio. Ótima iniciativa!!!

Ôoooo IE 6, pode esperar…
A sua hora vai chegar…

Marco, Rio, Brasil.

Yesterday the norwegian website published an recommendation on there frontpage visible only for IE6 users recommending IE6 users to upgrade or change their browser. They did also recomment other high traffic websites to follow so IE6 can be put to an final death soon. Today the largest (highest trafficated) website in Norway,, did follow with the same recommendation.

A little bit more about it in my blog post:

What you are telling is the true. This old piece of software is going to annoy webmasters around the world. When launching IE8 i will stop supporting IE 6 on all my Projects.

IE (either 6, 7 or 8) is the last browser not implementing SVG – which is a pity, since it would be such a useful web standard, once it is widely available.

All other browser natively implement SVG (Opera, Firefox and Mozilla based browser, Webkit/Safari/Google Chrome)

Internet Explorer 6 – Unkraut oder ungeliebtes Gartenkraut?…

(Fast) Nichts sorgt bei heutigen Layouts unserer Kreativköpfe für mehr (stillen) Unmut unter den Entwicklern als die Anforderung auf den Internet Explorer 6 zu optimieren. Wir wähnten uns schon beinahe in Sicherheit ihn endlich unter den Tisch falle…

Things You Can’t Do In Internet Explorer 6:
min-width, max-width

Things You Could Do In Internet Explorer 6, but makes you shiver:
– floating !!!

I agree with you 100% that it is time to drop support, BUT, I have sites where the members are users of older computers and are not particularly web savvy. For them, IE6 is all there is (I tried the hint to update to Firefox and my client made me take it down as subversive). So, what does one do but try to run Joomla! and acknowledge that a lot of users won’t see the full “glory” of the site. Sigh.

Ich hasse das “Programm”, die Version war mir schon immer egal. Es kann einfach nur schlecht sein, was den Namen Internet Explorer trägt. Ich nutze die Transparenz bei PNGs auf meiner Site gerne und oft. Habe mit conditional comments eine Warnmeldung für IE-User bereit. Auf in den Kampf 😉

We’ve dropped support since Jan 09, as putting so much effort into an outdated browser proves to be slow economical suicide. The time needed to eradicate all “errors” to show the website correct in IE6 increases its price, or in case you offer this for free, lowers your income, as a lot of additional work is required. Not to talk about a designers nerves.

More than two years now, IE7 is available, IE8 about to be released, but still there are people who do not update this security gap filled monster.

This addresses also all the administrators inside companies who make a big part of those 20% still using IE6, whose are not willing to update. Strange, as they should be the first to get rid of such a security leak.

Get rid of this crappy thing and concentrate on new technologies and browsers.

F#*ck the lower Versions of IE. I´ll join the movement and build in a special warning for all old-school-users in my website.
Let´s try to catch the big media. Anyone an idea how to do it?

Time to say goodbye – Der “IE6 Death March”…

“Der Internet Explorer soll sterben!” ( berichtete) fordern nun endlich viele Unternehmen und Webdienste, nachdem der Browser seit 6 Jahren standardmässig mit dem marktbeherrschenden PC-Betriebssystem Windows ausgelie…

Hi, from France,

The sound you make has been heard and the buzz is spreading, the movment is on its way !

My personnal website did not care with IE6 since it was opened in 2004, he won’t care in the future.

My future company (to be started within next months) also won’t build any IE6 complient websites, that’s for sure !

Don’t give up men ! 😉

Etienne BRACKERS aka Loiseau2nuit (France)

I know it's unrealistic, but I wish IE7 was on the death list as well…

In IE7 my site doesn't even have a scroll bar, and everything is overlapped. So you can't read past the top section of a page, lol

OK, this is the day I’ve waited for. I’m now officially adding to my web contract that I no longer offer backward compatability for IE6.

It would just be ridiculous for us to jump through hoops for THREE versions of IE.

We are in… I am writing a post to ask my visitors to update to ie-7 asap. As the site will be banning IE 6 by this month end… cheers 🙂

IE6 has to go…and i think it needs to start with us who develop websites…slowly just moving away from IE6 support would make individuals and company IT heads to upgrade…lets be honest more man hours needs to go into fixing the headaches caused by IE6 thus there is more cost on making a website…

sometimes i just wish i could knock some sense to IE6 users with a baseball bat =(

the only people who probably can’t upgrade the IE versions are those on dodgy version of an OS other than that there is no real excuse to keep using IE6 but there is piles of reasons why people should use upgraded or alternate browsers!

What is your problem or your idea? IE6 and other IE versions still works good and often better (and faster) than Firefox ! If companies stop to support IE6, people will chance their browsers themselves.

Before you discuss about the IE6, you should discuss, that people learn again to code good websites. A lot of sites are made with wordpress and other crappy content management systems.

So, please think about better things than stopping the IE6 and GET A LIFE !

Glad to hear it.

I officially withdrew support for IE6 on my site yesterday 😛

I actually don’t care what they see anymore. If there’s anyone that still actually uses it they must pretty be used to shitty looking websites by now anyway.

And Stefan; you’re stupid. Have you ever actually coded a website before? I completely code my own and it’s a nightmare to get it to look good in ie6.

And what’s that nonsense about it being faster? Why post such blasphemy on a website that is obviously not going to welcome it?

We support you guys in our blog with a link and a post that take a look at this problem out of the point of view of most of the german companies. On we provide a blogpost desciping the same matter. All the best.

I agree! Why do we web site developers still have to go trough all the IE6 headaches. From now on I’ll pass the headaches to the IT guys from the companies. If they don’t want to upgrade because all the IT systems they made works the best with IE6, then let them struggle with it.

As a webdesigner & developer, i stopped developing for IE6 alooong, loong time ago, since i wasn’t in the mood for stupid hacks, unsupported PNG’s, and all the other crap.Also urged all my clients to upgrade (either to IE7, FF, Chrome, etc).Proven fact, these new browsers are faster, more reliable and much much easier to maintain and develop for.As for those who still insist on using IE6, that’s not my problem, really.People nowadays have no excuse not to be aware of new technologies, especially if they surf the Webz. Usually, it’s their complete lazyness or ignorance, or worst, stubborness.As for corporate use, it goes the same.Either their IT tech’s a bunch of idiots, or they don’t know sh**** about it.And for M$, well, Mr.Gates should have opened his eyes earlier.So please, die, peacefully, IE6 and never ever return. 🙂

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